What Does “Stop on Quote” Mean Etrade: A Comprehensive Guide

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Discover what “Stop on Quote” means on Etrade and how it can benefit your trading strategy. Learn how to set it up and manage risks effectively.

If you’re an Etrade user, you may have come across the term “Stop on Quote” and wondered what it actually means. Understanding this feature is crucial for successful trading on the Etrade platform. In this article, we’ll delve into the concept of “Stop on Quote” and explore how it can benefit you as a trader.

Understanding Stop on Quote

In simple terms, “Stop on Quote” is an order type that allows you to automatically execute a trade when a specific stock reaches a predetermined price level. It essentially acts as a trigger to buy or sell a security once the quoted price hits the specified stop price. This feature is particularly useful in volatile markets where prices can fluctuate rapidly.

To illustrate, imagine you own shares of a company and want to protect your investment from significant losses. By setting a “Stop on Quote” order with a stop price below the current market price, you ensure that if the stock falls to that price, your order will be executed automatically, limiting your potential losses.

How to Set Up “Stop on Quote” on Etrade

Setting up “Stop on Quote” on Etrade is relatively straightforward. Follow these steps to enable this feature:

  1. Log in to your Etrade account.
  2. Navigate to the trading platform.
  3. Locate the order entry section.
  4. Choose the stock you want to place a “Stop on Quote” order for.
  5. Select the “Stop on Quote” order type.
  6. Enter the stop price at which you want the order to be triggered.
  7. Specify the number of shares you wish to buy or sell.
  8. Review your order details and submit the order.
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It’s important to note that “Stop on Quote” orders may have restrictions based on the specific security or market conditions. Be sure to familiarize yourself with Etrade’s guidelines and any additional requirements before placing your order.

Advantages of Using “Stop on Quote”

Utilizing the “Stop on Quote” feature on Etrade offers several advantages for traders:

  1. Risk Management: “Stop on Quote” orders allow you to set predefined exit points, enabling you to limit potential losses and protect your investments.
  2. Automation: By automating your trading strategy, you can execute trades even when you’re not actively monitoring the market.
  3. Quick Reaction: In fast-moving markets, “Stop on Quote” orders ensure that you don’t miss out on executing trades at the desired price level.
  4. Emotion-Free Trading: By implementing predetermined trading rules, you can avoid making impulsive decisions driven by fear or greed.

To better understand the benefits of “Stop on Quote,” let’s consider a scenario. Imagine you’re trading a volatile stock, and you’re unable to actively monitor the market due to other commitments. By placing a “Stop on Quote” order, you can rest assured that if the stock reaches your desired price level, your order will be executed automatically, regardless of your availability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some common questions regarding “Stop on Quote” on Etrade:

How does “Stop on Quote” differ from other order types?

“Stop on Quote” differs from other order types, such as “Limit Orders” or “Market Orders,” as it triggers the execution of the trade once the quoted price reaches the specified stop price. In contrast, “Limit Orders” are executed only if the specified price or better is available, while “Market Orders” are executed immediately at the current market price.

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Can “Stop on Quote” be used for all types of securities?

“Stop on Quote” can generally be used for stocks, options, and other exchange-traded securities available on the Etrade platform. However, it’s essential to review any specific restrictions or limitations associated with certain securities or market conditions.


Understanding the concept of “Stop on Quote” is crucial for traders using the Etrade platform. By setting up “Stop on Quote” orders, you can automate your trading strategy, manage risks effectively, and react quickly to market movements. Remember to familiarize yourself with the process of enabling this feature on Etrade and consider the advantages it offers in terms of risk management and automation. Start exploring the “Stop on Quote” feature on Etrade and take control of your trading journey today.

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